Greendale Carpets and Floorings were formed in 1962, when several retailers joined forces to gain better prices from manufacturers.

This initiative proved successful and more retailers wanted to become part of it. The initial group of retailers (The Green Group) used their own money in to start the business, so every subsequent retailer wishing to join, also buys a ‘share’ of the business. Hence, we are a member owned cooperative. The group discovered that to get the best prices from suppliers you needed to buy in bulk, and that meant rolls of carpet.

Greendale is a not-for-profit, mutual trading company owned by a group of over 130 independent flooring retailers located throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, who we call our “Members” By coming together in this way, they enjoy a purchasing power equal to the big “out of town” multiples. What this means is that when you visit one of our Members you will not only receive the exceptionally high levels of service you expect from a quality independent retailer, but also extremely competitive prices on Greendale branded products as well as on those from British and overseas manufacturers.